Why should you still invest in cryptocurrencies?

There were many who got onto the bitcoin bandwagon and some made a fortune while others burned their fingers. The stalwarts of the financial world don’t stop calling it a bubble,  and yet the interest in cryptocurrencies is not dwindling. So, those of you who wish to take the risk download the Crypto CFD Trader, a trading robot that helps investors trade in cryptocurrencies.

IS it the right choice?

Here are a few reasons that will show why investing in cryptos is good.

  1. Increased scalability and transaction speeds: Bitcoin has been plagued by a slow transaction rate of 6-7 transactions a second when credit card transactions happen at a scale of thousands per second. But with the lightning network, things are bound to change. In this technology, transactions take place directly off the blockchain thereby resulting in almost negligible transaction costs besides increasing the number of transactions per second. Thus with the two major issues of scalability and liquidity addressed bitcoin is bound to see a surge.
  2. The growth of Ethereum: The second most popular cryptocurrency after bitcoin, Ethereum is set to scale new heights this year as more and more legitimate initial coin offerings or ICOs come into effect. This will lead to greater interest in ether and this, in turn, will raise the market cap of Ethereum. This could be the case with the other cryptocurrencies also.
  3. Introduction of regulations: Though initially, people fear regulations because it hurts the market, Japan and Australia are examples of what actually ensues. The price drop is temporary before it rises again because regulations and rules boost investor confidence and this will lead to more investments in the cryptos.
  4. Increases in cryptocurrency merchants: Merchants have started accepting the reality that digital currency is here to stay and hence have started accepting cryptos, mainly bitcoin as payment. This trend will boost users’ confidence in the legality and usability of the cryptos and will lead to more investments.
  5. Entry of institutional funds: Some of the biggest names in the financial world are entering the crypto world and are pumping in funds which run into several billion. This interest by big names will only augur well for the cryptos.
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Summing up

After analysis, the market trend the last year the above-stated outcomes are definitely probable but this piece cannot be used as conclusive evidence for anyone to invest in cryptos. Do your research and only if convinced part of your funds because once a transaction takes place it cannot be reversed.



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