When we think about how paper money is printed, all the process it has to undergo, no wonder people can’t go on and start printing money every day or invent a new type of currency each day. However to produce a digital currency is very easy. In fact, it is so easy that just with a little knowledge of coding and skills you can make your own cryptocurrency. But to get your cryptocurrency up and about coding might not be the only thing to get started. There are a few steps that the 3 digital currency makers have mentioned.

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Many assume that if you want to develop new cryptocurrency the very first thing would be to start with the coding for your coins, but when you think of it and by understanding the details you will know that, that is not the first thing to start off with. The activist of the community at feather coin Ellis told once that the very beginning step for making crypto coin would be to form a community and then build the coins encircling them instead of building the coins first and then expecting it would become famous.

This is what exactly feather coin’s creator did when he created it in the year 2013. Peter Bushnell was the creator of this who was head of an IT section of Brasenose College that was a part of Oxford University however he quit his job in order to develop his own digital currencies that placed people in the center the currency. This is the type of improvising cryptocurrency when he noticed that the currencies that were already present were not created by keeping people’s view in mind which was one small drawback. Just like this scam Crypto Code scam

When Ellis made the comment about forming the cryptocurrency around the community he had not met Bushnell but always preached about how Bitcoin lacked behind because it did not consider people’s view. He said that Bitcoin platform mainly aimed at technicality because of which people that are new to this did not find it easy to understand. As people did not understand how this works very fewer people got involved when it started developing. Many people chose to work in the background rather than actively participating in it.

He also said all this active participation was found in feather coin further quoting that “for feather coin, we were a group of Crypto enthusiasts, some of whom were new to the scene but who felt shut out from the rest of the space.”

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