Here is that tip for that little extra!

We all love to take home something extra, right?

Imagine you are at the shopping mall and you realize the trouser that you are looking for is on sale and not just that you also get a great hamper as a gift to take home! Won’t you be the happiest person on earth? Well, we all are.

A little extra is a good thing:

We are not being hedonistic here nor are we propagating materialism but of course when a little more effort is able to garner a significant return, wouldn’t you want to have it? Not just for yourself but for your family, your progeny?

The leap of faith:

It was the beginning of the job loss and I was sure that I would be caught in the quagmire sooner than later. The beginning was with the entry-level staff but slowly the attrition started happening at the mid-management level. I was already stock trading at the stock market physically but I knew that if any untoward thing happens in the economy the first thing to fall would be the share prices. So, diligently, I worked on it in the background.

I hired a financial consultant:

This financial consultant knew my shares portfolio. He asked me to dispose of all the shares that I was physically holding even those of the companies that were seemingly doing well and were not even seen on the recession radar.

But I complied with the advice of the consultant. He asked me to check this out tried and tested link to a trading platform and asked me to trade online till economy stabilized. I was at a loss for words. This person sends me the link and tells me to trade in peanuts!

I however comply!

A couple of months later, the predictions do come true. The shares of the companies that I was holding fall to the ground and I could not but thank this man who saved me from all the loss. My money was safe and stashed. Now coming to this wonderful trading platform called the Ethereum Code, I was doing so well at it that I decided that even if I was not losing my job I would continue trading on it. I have consistently profited from the trading and the profits I save in a corpus for my children’s higher education and my peaceful retirement. Life seems all set now!


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