Best investments for 2018

The lure of quick money is hard to resist and that is the reason for the spurt of several automated trading software which claims that making money on the stock market is child’s play. Several of such software are scams but there are a few like the Cryptocode about which you can continue reading here, actually deliver what they promise. But in case you are still wary of such software then there are other investment options with high ROI.

  1. Invest in peer-to-peer lending forums: P2P lending as it is popularly called is a system where companies lend money to individuals at rates lower than the banks. This is hugely advantageous for creditors as well as the lenders as the loaners get less interest rate while the lenders make decent returns which is usually more than 6%.

Therefore, investing in these P2P lending companies is beneficial as the account opening procedure is very simple and straightforward and you can open a new account for as little as $1000. Secondly, the interest rate is pretty decent for normal loans; and in case you lend for riskier propositions you earn a better interest.

  1. Real Estate: One of the most stable investment options over the decades is the real estate which hasn’t lost its sheen even today. Nowadays you don’t have to actually invest in a physical property to make a profit. A few options are:
  • Real Estate Notes: In very basic terms these are mortgage notes related to real estate. Often investors buy notes on distressed properties and either try to work with the existing owner or sell it for profit to another investor. Invariably the property is worth more than the money invested hence the investor can look forward to good ROI with the option of foreclosure thrown in.The risk involved is the individual or company from whom you buy the notes must be trustworthy and reliable.
  • REIT: Another great way to invest in real estate is through the Real Estate Investments Trusts wherein you are not directly involved in the actual dealing. The REIT funds deal with mortgages, bonds, and even stocks. There are several types of REITs but whichever you choose the returns are high – your payback stems from the interest others pay their mortgages. You can check out American Capital Agency and Realty Income to know more about these options.


Do not waste your hard earned money, invest it wisely in any of the several investment options available in the market and secure a future that is safe and stable.


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