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When we think about how paper money is printed, all the process it has to undergo, no wonder people can’t go on and start printing money every day or invent a new type of currency each day. However to produce a digital currency is very easy. In fact, it is so easy that just with […]

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Who thought the trading of this kind would even be possible one day!

Surprising though: Only the other day, I was reading a news article on the facebook talking about how technology has changed our world. Wait a minute! Did I say reading news on facebook? Well! Till even a couple of years ago, I could not start from my day without getting my early morning newspapers. It […]

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Crypto CFD Trader For A Smart Trading Activity

A smart trader is one who will be able to sustain and survive in this highly volatile trading market. There are many reasons for uncertainty here because not all the trading platforms opted by all the traders are reliable and most of them get cheated by the fraudulent ones. It is mainly the beginners in […]

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4 Things To Know Before Venturing The Bitcoin CFDs

If you had missed investing in the Bitcoins when their market value was just 1000$, which is nearly a year back in 2017, please do not worry and, as well do not hesitate to invest now, as its value is expected to reach $50,000 in this very promising year of 2018, according to the financial […]

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Here is that tip for that little extra!

We all love to take home something extra, right? Imagine you are at the shopping mall and you realize the trouser that you are looking for is on sale and not just that you also get a great hamper as a gift to take home! Won’t you be the happiest person on earth? Well, we […]

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Best investments for 2018

The lure of quick money is hard to resist and that is the reason for the spurt of several automated trading software which claims that making money on the stock market is child’s play. Several of such software are scams but there are a few like the Cryptocode about which you can continue reading here, […]

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Get Rich Through Forex

All of us dream of becoming rich. We work hard from a young age till retirement and sometimes even afterwards, to make the ends meet. Then we see some people working only for a few hours and make more money in a single day than we do in a month. Do not think that it […]

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Fintech Ltd

Analysis of data is the core of any financial instrument, for earning a good profit. Investments made by trades on behalf of investors can be profitable only when there is a sound knowledge of the dynamics of the stock markets. A lot of variables determine the happening of an event or a set of trade […]

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The 3 Major Cryptocurrencies Of The Market

Ever since the Bitcoin made its noteworthy debut, the people are eager to discover more about it to keep them updated and as well as benefitted appropriately. It is indeed important to know about this latest digital money, which is gaining enough popularity and importance but, the world of cryptocurrency doesn’t end there! In fact, […]

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The Popular Types Of Trading Practices

The trading sector is a vast ocean that offers an opportunity for everyone to appease their respective financial desires and trading goals. For a newbie, this field might be little overwhelming, especially if they are completely unprepared or completely unaware of the fundamentals of the practice. If not anything, at least, one should try to […]

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