The 3 Major Cryptocurrencies Of The Market

Ever since the Bitcoin made its noteworthy debut, the people are eager to discover more about it to keep them updated and as well as benefitted appropriately. It is indeed important to know about this latest digital money, which is gaining enough popularity and importance but, the world of cryptocurrency doesn’t end there! In fact, the Bitcoin is only the beginning although a great beginning and now, we have many such cryptocurrencies that following the suit to signify the beginning of the era of unparalleled cryptocurrencies in this advanced world. Thus, along with the Bitcoin, we are here to learn about 2 more powerful cryptocurrencies that are believed to contain the potential to transform the financial world for the better.

  • Bitcoin

The Bitcoin was introduced by the mysterious person Satoshi Nakamoto in the year 2009 as a decentralized digital currency, whose transactions can be carried out peer-to-peer without any security problems or violations by using the blockchain technology. Since then no stopping of its growth and as of December 2017, its market valuation stands as high as $4000 that says it is the best cryptocurrency, to begin with for anybody willing to venture this avant-garde space! If you are unaware how to make your beginning, this post could guide you enough!


  • Ethereum

After the Bitcoin, this digital currency can be considered as the market’s favorite, where its market valuation, as of December 2017 stands at $825.79! Like the Bitcoin, this Ethereum operates under the principle of the blockchain technology but, it is more than just being the digital currency. Yes, Ethereum is that decentralized platform that can facilitate the exchange of currency, property, shares and so on that are of value and monetary importance by running or controlling the associated smart contracts aka the computer codes. Again, all these transactions can be carried out without compromising the safety and security, all the times!


  • Litecoin

Developed by an MIT grad and the former Google engineer Charlie Lee in the year 2011, this was the close follower of the Bitcoin and was hence, referred as ‘silver to Bitcoin’s gold’. Although it works under the similar principle and technology as the Bitcoin, it only costs 1/50th to 1/100th of what offered by the Bitcoin and therefore, considered as the affordable digital currency. The market value of one Litecoin as of November 2017 was $70.97. The mining and exchange of the Litecoins are quite easy and possible these days and therefore, if you are interested in entering this space, you can certainly consider this cryptocurrency as a potential option.

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